Our Products

Opus Spark's Oxygen O2

Opus Spark’s Oxygen is a Health Care Management Solution designed to operate on small to mid sized Health Care Centers. When it comes to Health Care Centers management is always critical, Oxygen is designed in a way it handles critical informations at ease. With Oxygen, both the specialists and patients are benefited.


Edulite is a comprehensive College/School Management System developed by Opus Spark to fulfill the needs of independent Colleges/Schools. The information management system connects daily operations in the College environment ranging from Attendance, Admissions and Registration to Finance, Faculty, Payroll, Timetable, Medical and Business Development. This reduces data error and ensures that information is always up-to-date throughout the College.

Biometric Attendance Management

This is an automated system which records the work hour of the staffs by sensing their finger prints upon entry and exit. Since its based on a users finger print it cannot be replaced by anyone else which ensures the reliability of the system. The Staff, leave & shift details can be maintained and organized as per the company needs. Unlike most of the devices, you can record staff detail locally on the device even if the connection to the system is lost.


Foodmate is our restaurant management tool that helps restaurants and hotels to manage various aspects of business. Right from taking order through the android app till the billing. Our kitchen module makes the order process streamlined benefiting both the customers and the management team.