Opus Spark! How about some semantics?

Opus /ˈəʊpəs,ˈɒp-/
sets of compositions or an artistic work, especially one on a large scale
Spark /spɑːk/
a small fiery particle or a small amount of a quality/intense feeling.
we are composition of all our tiny intense feelings to reach our mission in a grand scale, these words represented our team & our zeal towards what we wanted to do. So, we called ourselves "Opus Spark".

About Us

Our purpose is to serve people with the creative, innovative and reliable solutions available in the industry. At Opus spark (Division of Adnaa Technologies Pvt.Ltd), We are team of professionals with a common dream of establishing a company that could provide quality service to people and achieve success through their satisfaction.

Our team members are passionate about what we do and we love solving problems and providing solutions to overcome people's everyday issues. When our team receives a software development task rather than focusing on how it has to be done? we focus on why it has to be done? This enables us to understand the problem and solution in detail.

What We Do ?

Our Sparks

Mohamed Assan
Santhosh Kumar Krishnan
Web/Mobile Developer
Project Manager
Dinesh Kumar
Software Developer
Software/Mobile Developer
Yesu raj
Web Developer
Zaina Fathima
Web Developer
Abdul Sathar
SEO Analyst
Javid Basha
Business Development Officer
Bharani Kumar
Creative Head
HR Generalist
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